Machon at URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech

At URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, we create experiences that allow our campers and now teens to grow through science inquiry, Jewish discovery, leadership and fun. Machon means “Foundation” as well as “Institute,” giving our teens the opportunity to gain the necessary skills to become staff members who can facilitate, teach, and be effective camp counselors.

Machon is for teens entering 12th grade and is designed to offer a fun summer-camp experience while teaching life lessons about leadership, personal responsibility, science and technology, and Jewish values. The program’s goals are to create opportunities for personal and professional growth, provide hands on experience in leadership and S.T.E.M. skill building, offer a meaningful transition from “camper” to “staff member”, to have a positive and rewarding summer, give back to the 6 Points Sci-Tech community, and impact camp in a meaningful way.  The CIT program’s focus will be in three main areas: training, leadership, and entrepreneurial/innovation.

Download the Machon Program Packet, which includes the program overview, application instructions, and application components.

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  • Training in counseling skills— Machonikim (participants in the Machon program) will participate in programming to develop counseling skills. Training is designed to support Machonikim as they transition from camper to staff member. Topics will include:
    • Homesickness
    • Camper inclusion
    • How to identify and prevent bullying
    • Development of camper listening skills
    • Health and safety
    • How to lead Jewish programming
  • Hands on counseling experience and opportunities to build relationships and serve as role models for younger campers.
  • Training in teaching skills: Machonikim will learn to plan for chugim, assist in workshops and chugim, and lead large group activities for all of camp. They will work hands-on with our counselors, instructors, and leadership team who will support and mentor them through this process.
  • Jewish Leadership: Machonikim will meet with staff and educational faculty to explore essential questions in Judaism and wrestle with
    the connections that can be found between science and Judaism. Teens will also gain a deeper understanding of social issues in science and technology, and our commitment as Jews to Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.
  • Traditions: Machonikim will get the chance to be a part of creating traditions and rituals that will impact the culture of our camp for many years to come. They will have the opportunity to help with the facilitation of all camp events like our Shabbat Theme events, lead Shabbat services, and work on a design thinking “Startup Project” that will become a part of 6 Points history.
  • Learning from Jewish and scientific innovators: Each summer we have leadership staff, faculty, and special guests who bring a wealth of knowledge in science, Judaism and innovation to our community. Machonikim will have special opportunities to meet with these leaders and learn about their unique knowledge-base and skillsets. These guests along with our staff will help guide our teens to understand the opportunities in STEM, as they think about their next steps beyond their high school years. As part of the program, teens will also be guided to think about how to use their campexperience to demonstrate skills on a college resume or application.
  • Machonikim will accompany campers on our unique trip day experiences, and will also participate in their own trip experience as a group. Machonikim will also have some fun off-camp outings which include visits to the beach and local attractions.
  • Social Activities: Many times throughout the summer, Machonikim will participate in social activities (free time, evening programs, etc.)


Dates of Program:       TBD

Tuition: $4500 ($500 Deposit)

The above dates are over camp’s first and second session, beginning just prior to first session.  Participants have the option to stay for 3rd session from July 25th through August 7th, to have an opportunity to be a counselor-assistant for the remainder of the summer. There is no additional tuition for staying for session 3. Please notify camp by April 1st whether you plan to join us for third session.

Participants must be entering 12th grade in the fall of 2018 and have already attended a session at 6 Points Sci-Tech as a camper.

Application Deadline: TBD

Questions? Email Greg Kellner, Camp Director, at