NFTY/URJ has been sponsoring outstanding summer and semester programs in Israel for over 50 years. Throughout, NFTY has earned a well-deserved reputation for aspiring to provide the highest standard of health, safety and security in all its youth travel programs. Much has been learned in five decades about how to operate a program that always places the welfare of young people entrusted to our care above all other considerations:

  • NFTY is cautious and conservative
  • Throughout their stays, NFTY groups reside in secure accommodations
  • Itineraries are reviewed daily – and changed as necessary – to ensure that planned routes and destinations provide the highest level of safety
  • With appropriate safety protocols in place, NFTY provides comprehensive touring and learning programs focused on ancient and modern Israel
  • NFTY’s full-time education and logistics professionals in Israel consult daily with the Security Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel who are in constant contact with the government, police, and military authorities
  • NFTY groups only travel in the safest and most secure areas
  • NFTY groups are accompanied by an Israeli security guard as prescribed by the Jewish Agency’s security office and travel only in our own chartered buses – never on public transportation
  • Parents can reach the NFTY senior supervisors in Israel and North American 24 hours a day for the duration of the program.
  • NFTY group leaders carry cell phones and can be reached at any time in case of emergency
  • Contingency plans are in place – and will be implemented as necessary – to move groups to safety and/or to bring them home as appropriate
  • NFTY participants and parents must sign the NFTY in Israel Code of Conduct, signifying their willingness to abide by all rules, regulations and safety guidelines throughout the program
  • NFTY staff members and participants receive a thorough orientation regarding expectations for appropriate behavior and safety and security procedures and protocols
  • A NFTY in Israel website is available 24 hours a day for updates and news. It is our goal to provide as much information as possible, enabling families to make informed decisions about their teen’s participation. This summer we look forward to welcoming hundreds of teens to Israel on NFTY’s programs and to providing them with a wonderful summer adventure full of fun, friendship and personal discovery.


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