Days at 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy are packed with activities to keep campers engaged! Our goal is to create a balanced, well-rounded experience in which campers can both dive into their areas of interest, and have the opportunity to try new things.



End Activity


7:55 Boker Tov (wakeup)! and Nikayon (cleaning)


8:15 Boker Big Bang all camp gathering


9:00 Breakfast


9:55 Chug (Elective) 1


10:45 Livnot (Building Time)


12:25 Workshop


1:15 Lunch


2:05 Menucha (rest hour)


3:00 Sports and Athletics


4:00 Workshop


4:15 Snack


5:05 Chug (Elective) 2


6:15 Shower Time


7:15 Dinner


7:30 Song Session


8:30 Evening Program


9:00 Getting ready for bed/ Night time Ritual


9:30 9:00 – 5th and 6th grade lights out
9:30 – 7th and 8th grade lights out
10:00 – 9th and 10th grade lights out




























Good Morning – Boker Tov! and Cleaning – Nikayon
Counselors wake their campers each morning so that the campers have enough time to get dressed, brush their teeth, and comb their hair. Additionally, campers will make their beds, organize their cubbies, and fill their laundry bags.  Campers will also be in charge of tidying the common rooms and lounges before they head to Boker Big Bang.

Morning Ritual – Boker Big Bang
One of our campers’ favorite parts of the day! Before breakfast, the entire camp community will come together to sing a few songs, say a few blessings, and perform a cool science demonstration – making something explode! Our faculty of the week will tie in a Jewish text or story to relate to the experiment of the day.

Breakfast – Aruchat Boker
As a camp community, we begin our meal by reciting Hamotzi, the blessing before the meal.  See our sample menu section for a selection of breakfasts.  We end our meal with the singing of Birkat Hamazon, the blessing after the meal.

Campers will work in small groups in one of the eight workshop areas they selected – Video Game Design, Robotics, Digital Film Production, Earth and Sky, Forensics, BioZone, or 3D Animation.  They’ll have 90 minutes every morning and 60 minutes every afternoon to work on their developing their skills and projects in their core areas.

Electives – Chugim
Each week, campers select two chugim (electives) – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This gives them an opportunity to experience lots of different activities throughout the session. The chugim are run by all of our staff members, who get an opportunity to share something they’re passionate about with the campers.  Some chugim include: food science, rocketry, chemistry, magic, and digital music production.

Building Time – Livnot
In addition to teaching our campers about science and technology, we want to foster a strong Jewish community. Livnot, which means “to build” is a chance to build many things: building Jewish ritual objects like our Sci-Tech mezuzot, building a community through team-building games and programs, or building awareness and creativity through special guests and visitors.

Lunch – Aruchat Tzohorayim
Lunch functions like breakfast, starting with Hamotzi and ending with Birkat Hamazon.  A sample of lunches can be found in the menu section, and the salad bar and fresh fruit are always available.

Rest Hour – Menucha
After an activity-paced morning, campers need to take a break.  During Menucha, campers may sleep, write letters home to family and friends, read, or play quietly with their friends in the lounge or common areas.

At 6 Points Sci-Tech, we believe in keeping both our minds and bodies actives.  Campers will be able to select from several sports or outdoor activities each day, like soccer, basketball, Quidditch, or Gaga.

Shower Time
Campers get ready for dinner by showering and cleaning up after a long day.  This is also a time when they can hang out in the common areas.

Dinner – Aruchat Erev
We start dinner with Hamotzi and end with Birkat Hamazon.  Like lunch, the salad bar and fresh fruit will always be available, along with a wide variety of dinner options.

Evening Program – Tochnit Erev
Our evening programs are fun, active programs around camp that our counselors, instructors, and leadership team help to plan and run.  Evening programs may include scavenger hunts around camp, Israel-themed activities, special guest performances, etc.

Campers will receive a snack in the afternoon to keep them going throughout the busy day!

Dorm Time
Before campers go to sleep, counselors have the opportunity to plan a short activity just for their campers, which may be a debrief of the day, a game of cards, or other organized activity.  Campers say Shema together before heading to sleep!