New for 2017!

This new workshop for 2017 will allow for the impossible to become possible. With animation, teapots can walk, books can fly, and instruments can play themselves. Many of today’s films and television shows are computer animated. Even live-action movies use computer generated imagery to enhance their story telling.

In the Animation workshop, campers will learn the principles of animation from squash and stretch to action and movement, essential skills to being a successful animator. They will discover how timing, action, and anticipation can add to your animation and how animators use these skills to create great storytelling. More experienced campers will have the opportunity to build on their knowledge of animation and learn more in-depth and technical skills such as lighting, weight, and rigging. In small groups, campers will use animation software to create a short visual project that they can show to their friends and family and add to their animation portfolio.

Animation allows you to bend reality and in our Sci-Tech Workshop, only your imagination is your limit.