From the common cold to life-threatening illnesses, doctors are charged with solving the mysteries of the human body. When you go to the doctor, do you wonder what they are looking for when they listen to your lungs and your heart, examine your ears and look at your throat? What exactly is your physician thinking and what will they discover when they order a test, and how does that test work? What story will it tell?

Campers will use critical thinking skills in order to understand the mechanisms and the signs and symptoms of common (and some not so common) medical problems, as well as the critical tools and technology that are used to make a correct diagnosis.

Using both basic and advanced principles and practices of medicine, campers will explore different body systems and anatomy relevant to real medical scenarios, and understand how diseases work, how the body responds to illness, as well as ways in which eating/exercise habits may affect our health. Campers will be presented with patient cases that will lead them to discover the human body using modern technology and real life samples. They will look at the body through many lenses – sometimes literally! With probing questions to obtain a medical history, a physical exam and tools like stethoscopes, electrocardiograms, sphygmomanometers, imaging, laboratory results, ultrasound, microscopes and more, campers will be able to diagnose and solve medical mysteries just like our doctors do every day.