In the Digital Film Production workshop, campers take ownership of the entire movie creation process. From designing storyboards and writing scripts to gathering footage and editing the final pieces, campers will have the opportunity to engage in all aspects of film production and creatively explore a whole new world of storytelling. Younger campers and those new to film production form a production team and script, film, and edit their production together with our professional-level instructors.

More experienced campers in our upper age-groups will have the opportunity to develop more advanced skills and camera techniques, focusing more on technical skills and the editing process. Campers have the option to create focused projects learning skills in areas such as cinematography, green-screening, sound FX, lighting, using filters, color grading, motion graphics, and more. These campers will leave with a video-folio of techniques learned throughout the session.

Digital Film Production provides a unique combination of technology and art. Our campers learn to effectively use technology – from our video cameras and microphones to computer software – to realize their artistic visions. Our instructors work with campers to set up scenes, create their sight lines, adjust for lighting, and film multiple angles.

Once the footage is filmed, campers use professional tools like Final Cut Studio to get hands-on experience in editing and special effects. Campers will also use sequencing software to create a score and sound effects. Through the project-based creation process, campers grow their skill set and explore the fascinating world of digital film production.


View some of our camper-produced films and demo reels!

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