This is a perfect workshop for new campers or those who have spent multiple summers at camp. Campers will discover the wonders of what lies above our earth’s atmosphere and be able to answer a popular question for astronomical phenomena: how do we know? Our campers will become informed scientists and astronomers, learning about the history, physics, and astronomy principles through numerous experiments and activities so that by the end of camp, they can answer their peers when they’re asked, “well how do you know?”

At Sci-Tech, learning about stars and planets is out of this world! From the guiding North Star to the unseen Dark Matter in the universe, campers will explore some of the sky’s one hundred billion galaxies, planets, moons, as well as the stars we can see at camp using telescopes and spectroscopes. Campers will return home with an in-depth knowledge of Kepler’s Laws, with the skills to understand the motion of orbits in the solar system, using real data from real solar objects.

Our instructors will guide campers through topics like the life cycle of a star and gravitational waves and study craters using the same methods as today’s astronomers and astrophysicists. This workshop is perfect for campers who are new to camp and also as a great continuation for those who experienced our Earth and Sky program this past summer.

Check out a PSA from our campers about the environment!

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