Do you ever wonder what happens to the evidence collected from a real crime scene? How is it analyzed and what story does it tell? Campers in the Forensics workshop will have the opportunity to work in teams to investigate and solve crimes, employing modern day scientific techniques and advanced technology to shed light on some great mysteries.

Campers will learn the principles that investigators use to identify and match fingerprints and examine the makeup of a hair follicle or fiber left at the scene of a crime. Most of the evidence left at a crime scene is detected in small amounts, including hair, soil, glass, clothing fibers, chemicals, etc. Campers will collect and identify trace evidence to carefully analyze it under a microscope or using readily available technology. Campers will examine DNA evidence and blood samples to gain a deeper insight into the science within the crime scene.

While sometimes investigators are the ones we see front and center on shows like CSI, many are scientists and experts in modern day technology using advanced techniques to identify and piece together some of the most minute of details. This summer, our campers will become these experts and solve a new mystery using skills and methods they learned in the workshop

Forensics combines biology, chemistry, technology, and a knack for problem solving! In Forensics, our campers will become real investigators, in search of the truth that lies in the details!

For those that have participated in the Forensics workshop previously, campers will have an opportunity to solve a new mystery each year, while using the tried and true skills of a Forensic investigator. This workshop is also recommended for campers who have not yet experienced the Forensics workshop at 6 Points Sci-Tech.