Computer programming is one of the most useful and sought-after skills in our world, and in addition to allowing campers to create programs and applications, it’s an incredibly fun challenge! This workshop is designed with both returning and new campers in mind with instruction for those at various levels and programming skills.

In our Programming workshop, campers at all levels will be able to learn, grow, and develop their coding skills in a hands-on environment with expert instructors. Campers will use the Java programming language, a robust object-oriented language, to work on unique logic problems and cryptography (the art of writing and solving codes) themed scenarios.

Campers with little experience in programming will learn the ins and outs of different software in order to think like a programmer, and by the end of the session, have a working computer program that they can share with friends and family. More advanced campers can expand on their existing knowledge to build more complex programs as well. This year’s focus will be on creating computer-based Java applications so returning campers can deepen their Java knowledge as well. Based on skill-level, campers will receive grade and age appropriate instruction from our expert instructors. The sky is the limit with Sci-Tech’s Programming workshop!

In the Programming and Coding workshop, campers will be able to answer the question: how do you get the computer to do what you want it to do?