The Video Game Design Workshop allows campers to bring their story or adventure to life on the screen. Using a variety of programming tools, campers will design their very own games. Our professional instructors carefully place campers in pairs or groups with similar goals to ensure that campers learn in the best possible environment. Campers are divided by grade and/or skills level into groups with campers sharing similar interests in the games they would like to design.

Campers with varying experiences can work with an array of tools. Tools and platforms used in past workshops include Scratch (perfect for beginners), Stencyl (great for 2D platformers and top-down games), Kodu (for campers interested in 3D game design), StarLogo (for campers who like 3D level and terrain design), as well as Unity with Playmaker, a more advanced 3D platform for experienced game designers, used in professional settings across the globe. More experienced campers and returning campers will delve deeper into these tools or experience new platforms for designing games. There is an endless amount to learn when designing games! Working together, all campers will develop the story, game mechanics, characters, backgrounds and other elements of their video games. All campers can take home their games and continue creating their games back home!


View some of our video games in action in the Sci-Tech Arcade!

Experiment Game

Click here to see more work from our Video Game Design workshop!